Our People

Howard Portrait

Howard is the founder of Helpful Minds and HA Creative Arts and currently assuming the position of Creative and Marketing Director.  He started off with his drawing and painting since he was 4, all the way through his teenage.  The first painting exhibition Howard participated was at his age of 5.  His artist gene continues and has subtly transformed his creation from painting to photography in his day-to-day life, while he is traveling, at events or simply at the dining table.  His photos were accepted in FIAP/PSA patronage salons in Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Serbia, Slovakia, Sri Lanka and Switzerland.  He is a permanent member of the Photographic Society of Hong Kong.  He is also the designer of our products at the Society6 website.  On his leisure, to keep up with the e-sports trend, he runs a Youtube gaming channel.

Howard is also a MBA holder with focus on marketing.  His MBA experiences cover Hong Kong (HKUST) and UK (Manchester Business School).  He had won several marketing competitions during his MBA period in HK and UK.  He is also a computer engineering graduate, that gives him an advantage on learning quickly on today’s fast changing technology world.  He has 13 years of multinational company experience covering global, regional and country roles.  Domain areas include retail customers business, business intelligence, operations, and information technology.


Mrs. Ann Wong Portrait

Mrs. Ann Wong practiced sketching at the Hong Kong Academy of Fine Arts in the early days.  She then continued to further her practice into areas of meticulous (gongbi), ink and wash, and western painting.  Her masters include renowned artists Ms. Bukuk Choi, Mr. Lam Wu Fui, and Mr. Chan Siu-min.  For over 10 years, Mrs. Ann Wong has been using her time to educate children painting, calligraphy and other artwork.  Our painting products at Society 6 mainly comes from the work of Ann.


Howard’s photographic work accepted by international salons

Ireland – 4th Cork International Salon of Photography

Night walk at Louvre

Serbia – Belgrade Photo Autumn 2016

The boat ride

Canada – 123rd Toronto International Salon of Photography

and  Sri Lanka – PSSL 61st Annual International Competition and Exhibition


Slovakia – Bardaf International Exhibition

and  Belgium – International Sillian Organisation 2016

The show

Belgium – International Sillian Organisation 2016

The last stream of daylight

Serbia – Through the Viewfinder


Switzerland – 3rd International Salon of Photography “Photo Artist 2016”

Nice afternoon walk

Serbia – Belgrade Photo Autumn 2016

Night Louvre